Periodontal Disease in Parker, CO

Periodontal Disease in Parker, CO

Have you lately noticed bleeding gums when you brush and floss your teeth or when you bite into food? Or, do you undergo severe pain when you chew food due to your inflamed gums? If so, you could be suffering from gum diseases, such as gingivitis or periodontitis. Getting these oral conditions addressed at the earliest can help to contain them in the early stages itself. If ignored, their symptoms can drastically impact your oral health and lead to unnecessary complications.

What causes gum disease?

In most instances, gum diseases are the result of plaque and tartar accumulation near the gum line. Tartar, which is filled with microbes, releases toxins that can significantly affect your oral health by decaying the soft gum tissues. In some cases, external trauma to the gums, root canal infection, severe cavities, etc., can also cause gum diseases. Although the disease initially starts as gingivitis (with minor symptoms), it can advance to a more severe form if left untreated - Periodontitis.

What are its symptoms?

  • The decay of gum tissues
  • Redness, inflammation, and swelling of gums
  • Loosening of the gums, leading to deeper gum pockets
  • Discharge of pus and blood from the gums
  • Severe bad breath
  • Receding gum line
  • Loosening of the teeth from their ideal positions due to jawbone shrinking.

How is periodontitis treated?

Oral cleaning: Oral cleaning involves the removal of plaque and tartar from the teeth and root surfaces. We carry this out using an ultrasonic scaling appliance, which has a metal tip vibrating at ultrasonic frequencies. This process is known to be highly effective in the treatment of gum diseases.

Extraction of decayed tissues: The decayed gum tissues will be removed using laser therapy. We use a highly intense beam of laser for the procedure, which will instantly vaporize the tissues and seal the wound underneath. This procedure avoids the need for surgery, sutures, and a long healing period.

Medication: We will use highly effective medication, such as Arestin, near the decayed tissues and in the deep gum pockets to arrest the spread of the infection.

Gum graft: Grafting healthy gum tissues to the receded region is an effective means to replenish the volume of tissues in the gums. We will extract healthy tissues from a different part of the mouth and meticulously graft them near the affected area. After a healing period of a few weeks, the newly grafted tissues would fuse with the existing ones and appear fuller and more firm.

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