Invisalign in Parker, CO

Invisalign in Parker, CO

Malocclusion is a common dental condition that is characterized by the misalignment of teeth. Malocclusion can give rise to several concerns related to the functionality and aesthetics of the mouth. It is best to get it diagnosed and treated when the individual is still young, as it can produce better and long-lasting results.

What is Invisalign?

Dental braces are the most popular orthodontic appliances and have been highly sought-after for many decades now. However, they pose a few drawbacks, such as a higher risk of sustaining oral trauma, displeasing appearance of the smile with braces on, and considerable discomfort when the teeth are moved from their positions. Hence, the advancements in dental technology have brought about a new orthodontic aligner - Invisalign.

Unlike conventional dental braces, Invisalign is not made from metal or ceramic. It is made from dental-grade transparent plastic that stays under disguise while performing its function of moving the teeth to their orthodontically right positions. The aligners resemble the shape of the teeth and have to be worn just like you would a mouthguard. Depending on the severity of malocclusion, Invisalign treatment may last between 6 months to a couple of years.

Why should you choose Invisalign over braces?

  • Dental braces are known to injure the lips and soft tissues of the mouth when they press against them. This is quite predominant when you sustain external oral trauma. But, this is not the case with Invisalign, as it doesn’t contain any metal brackets or wires. In fact, Invisalign protects the teeth from severe impact forces.
  • Since Invisalign is made from transparent plastic material, it does a great job of staying hidden. This allows you to smile or talk with confidence and keeps you from being embarrassed due to the orthodontic treatment.
  • Invisalign is just as functionally effective as dental braces. They can be used to treat a few complicated conditions of malocclusion as well.
  • Patients who choose Invisalign can stick to their regular diet during the treatment phase. Any changes with the diet are not necessary, such as keeping hard and sticky foods off the table. This would be a crucial criterion with dental braces, as such foods can affect the treatment.
  • Most importantly, Invisalign isn’t fixed to the teeth, as in the case of dental braces. You may take the aligners off whenever you have to eat food, brush the teeth, or during necessary instances.

Treatment procedure

The dentist will visually screen your teeth and take scans and x-rays to determine the severity of the malocclusion. This will help us decide your candidacy for Invisalign. The dentist will use the data from the digital scans to fabricate the aligners, which may take a couple of weeks. Once the aligners are fabricated and ready for use, the dentist will take you through their usage.

You have to wear Invisalign for 22 hours every day and take them off only when you have to eat food or brush your teeth. They have to be on even when you go to bed. Once every two weeks, we will hand you a new set of aligners to progress on to the next stage of treatment.

Please reach out to us through online consultation or by calling us at (303) 799-4333, and we’ll guide you further.

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