Dental Bridges in Parker, CO

Dental Bridges in Parker, CO

Dental bridges are the simplest and most convenient means to replace a missing tooth. They are made from tooth-colored dental-grade ceramic, making them aesthetically pleasing and highly durable. Patients who have lost their natural tooth and are looking for a quick fix can discuss their candidacy for a bridge with our dentist.

What are the advantages of choosing bridges?

  • Dental bridges are highly durable and long-lasting
  • They restore the functionality of the mouth by enabling you to bite and chew food as you always used to with your natural teeth
  • They do not require surgery to be placed, making them simple and quick
  • The procedure can be finished in two visits to the dentist’s practice, making it highly convenient
  • The prosthetic tooth is firmly held in position by dental crowns on either side, giving it the necessary anchorage and stability
  • The bridge would not stain or sustain cavities as it is made from ceramic
  • Bridges can be personalized to match the exact appearance of your adjoining teeth, thereby keeping the fake tooth under disguise.

What is the procedure involved?

It would need at least two visits to the dentist’s practice to get a dental bridge. During the initial visit, we will examine the condition and determine your candidacy for bridges. The teeth adjoining the missing tooth will be prepared for crowns by removing a thin layer of enamel from them. Digital scans are taken to create a digital impression of the teeth, which will be used to fabricate the bridge in a dental laboratory. It may require a couple of weeks for the bridge to be ready, during which we will place a temporary bridge in place to protect the prepared teeth surfaces.

During the next consultation, the dentist will remove the temporary restoration and clean the teeth. Etching solution will be applied to the teeth to roughen their surfaces. By using dental adhesives, the bridge will be bonded in place. A bite test will be taken, and the bridge will be polished to give it just the right luster.

Please get in touch with us through online consultation or by calling us at (303) 799-4333, and we’ll guide you further.

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