Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Parker, CO

Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Parker, CO

The wisdom teeth are usually the last set of teeth to erupt when the individual is in their late teens. They are the third molars and can be found at the back of the jaw ridges. Although most wisdom teeth emerge without any trouble, much like any other teeth, they may sometimes get stuck in awkward positions in the socket. Such a condition can be highly painful and lead to possible infections. They are called impacted wisdom teeth.

What leads to impaction?

The exact cause of an impacted wisdom tooth would vary from person to person. It could be due to extremely crowded teeth that apply a lot of pressure on the wisdom teeth in some instances. In some cases, the sockets in the jawbone could be too small for the teeth to erupt normally. In a few cases, it could be the result of oral trauma to the jaws and teeth.

How can impacted teeth be treated?

The best way to treat an impacted tooth is by extracting it entirely. We will take scans and x-rays of the mouth to understand the damage caused by the tooth and its exact position in the jawbone. Local anesthesia will be administered to numb the tooth, surrounding gums, and underlying jawbone. Next, we would have to make a slit on the gums to expose the tooth, especially if it is completely under the gums. The tooth will then be extracted entirely, and the wound would be closed using sutures. If the condition is slightly complicated, we may have to section off the tooth into smaller fragments and extract them individually. The dentist will suggest suitable means to enable optimum healing and prevent the onset of an infection.

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