Composite Bonding in Parker, CO

Composite Bonding in Parker, CO

Damaged or naturally misshapen teeth can not only ruin the aesthetics of your smile but also lead to an improper bite. When a tooth gets damaged, it is best to get it restored by a professional dentist. If not, the dental pulp present in the central root canal cavity could get exposed to the microbes in the mouth and result in severe infection.

What is composite bonding?

The process of applying a tooth-colored composite resinous material on the teeth to restore their contour, functionality, and size is called composite bonding. The procedure can be completed in a single visit to the dentist’s practice, making it one of the simplest dental procedures. Also, it offers various advantages that make it a highly sought-after cosmetic treatment process to enhance the aesthetics of your smile.

What are the advantages of composite bonding?

  • The material used for composite bonding is biocompatible
  • Preparing the composite resin and shaping it according to the contour of the tooth is quite easy and convenient
  • The resin can be customized to perfectly match the color and translucency of your teeth, which helps to keep them hidden
  • Composite bonding lasts for many years without hassle, thanks to its strength and durability
  • It helps to restore the contour, size, and structural integrity of the teeth, thus enhancing their functionality and appearance
  • They are versatile, as they can be used for various purposes, including filling cavities and cracks.

What is the procedure involved?

The dentist will screen the teeth to determine your candidacy for composite bonding and understand the oral condition better. Oral x-rays and scans will be taken. We will prepare the teeth for the procedure by cleaning them thoroughly and etching their surface using an etching solution. The resin will be prepared by matching it with the color of the teeth and applied to the prepared surface. It will be shaped and hardened using a curing light. This process will be repeated multiple times, as the resin will be applied in several layers to obtain the required contour. After taking a bite test, we will trim off excessive material and polish the restoration to give it a good luster.

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