Digital Scanning in Parker, CO

Digital Scanning in Parker, CO

Have you ever got a dental restoration done? If so, your dentist may have asked you to bite into a gooey material to make a mold of your teeth, which would then be used as a reference in the fabrication of the restoration. Dental crowns, bridges, veneers, etc., are fabricated using this technique. However, this is quite an outdated method, and we have moved on from the inconvenience it usually causes.

What is the alternative?

Digital scanning techniques have turned the tables in recent times, making the process of taking an impression of the teeth effortless and more convenient. We use a wand-like scanning device, which has a camera at its tip. The dentist will guide the scanner through your mouth while it captures your oral tissues in excellent detail. The data captured can be viewed on a computer screen in high-definition and in an infinite number of views. The same data can be used to create a 3D model of your teeth, which serves as the reference for fabricating the restorations from dental-grade ceramic.

What are its advantages?

  • The process is extremely quick and convenient
  • Patients no longer have to bite into a gooey substance when the dentist has to take an impression of their teeth
  • The material used to make the scanner is safe for human use
  • The images produced by the scanner are of high resolution, which allows the dentist to view certain features in great detail
  • The scanned images can be seen in 3D, giving us an unlimited number of views to choose from
  • Restorations fabricated using this data offer the perfect fit, comfort, and sealing properties.

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